The ambitious policy of Port Rail Ltd. is focused on providing first-class services in the railway transport sector. The company is constantly investing in expanding its human and technical resources.

Using its well-trained and highly qualified staff, repair stations, and a rolling stock fully compliant with the requirements and regulations of the EU, the company performs various activities related to the maneuvering of wagons and train compositions, rail freight transport services, train handling, technical support of the railway rolling stock within the territory of port terminals and industrial railway branches at key locations in Bulgaria.

To date, the Port Rail locomotive fleet consists of 16 diesel locomotives, 4 both diesel- electric locomotives,and 24 Eaos freight wagons.

In pursuit of continuous development and modernization of its activities, and driven by a strong desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Port Rail company will make an investment in the purchase of electric shunting locomotives, which will replace part of the diesel locomotives owned by the shunting operator.